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I am a simple person, living a simple life. I have many friends of whom I love and enjoy to be around, a family as big as a city, and respect among them all. I am an open minded person who just wants to enjoy his time on this planet and make my games.

28, Male

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I haven't posted in a while and I appologize for that.  We have been busy working on multiple projects to get ready for their releases on multiple sites, including One Piece World 2, which is still in production, it has been a long time and we understand that people are anxious to see what we have done.  One Piece World 2 was completely redone from the ground up which is why it is taking so long, but we are very happy with how it is coming along, and it should be ready soon.  In other news we are moving away from Hentai projects for the time being, One Piece World being the obvious exception, but we feel it is in our best interest to expand our horizon as a production company.  We are currently in the process of making 2 non-hentai titles in the form of "Serial", a game based on assasination, and "DarkLand" our biggest project to date, we hope you have enjoyed our creations so far and we thank you for your supposrt.  We enjoy making these games for you and we are also attempting to expand in the form of animation so look out for some original creations from us in the upcoming months.

Check out our Youtube page and watch some of our gameplay videos, we also update our Facebook page constantly with new content.

Thank you,

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