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I am a simple person, living a simple life. I have many friends of whom I love and enjoy to be around, a family as big as a city, and respect among them all. I am an open minded person who just wants to enjoy his time on this planet and make my games.

30, Male

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A question I have been asked on occasion via our Facebook, Youtube, or here on Newgrounds is if our project One Piece World 2 is a dead project, and I'm here to let everyone know that it is very much alive, it's just in stalemate right now. All of our resources and manpower is basically being directed towards other projects and the time just has not been there to work on the game consistently, and sometimes it literally goes weeks without being touched, which in particular is why the project has been rebooted over 4 times in order to implement new features each time, but at times it just does not feel like enough time, when this game finally does come out, we want it to be a good experience for any and all who wish to play it, not just for its nudity or suggestive themes but because its a good game, we want people to play it and be like "I kind of want to play that again" so we have taken our time with it and it is coming, but very slowly, our main priority right now is not a hentai based RPG Game, but it is not a dead project, I am personally seeing to it that this game is made as I am a huge One Piece fan I have written the story for this game my self. Just be patient, it's coming, but to be fair and honest might want to keep your expectations for the graphics to a minimum lol as we have not requisitioned any professional artist for the graphics of this game, but we still hope you enjoy the experience.

Thank you,


P.S. Play it for the game.


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