Update on our progress

2016-02-12 02:10:40 by roxasreaper

First allow me to apologize, I have been away for a while, doing school and other things to prepare myself for a further career in this area of media, and although I have been working very hard on One Piece World 2, it is difficult to balance college and a flash project.  That being said, it is still in progress and is coming along beautifully, you will see noticeable differences from the beginning of the game all the way to the end, I assure you, these differences are what I am learning, and teaching myself.  It is taking a long time, I know, and that is why I am apologizing.





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2016-04-29 21:29:49

Can you give us any relatively accurate ETA? I've been waiting for this for 3 years love the first game!

roxasreaper responds:

I wish i could, but the truth is that I just haven't had the time I need to work on it. It is one of those situations where I wish there was more than 24 hours in a day lol. I promise it will be done eventually, but as for an ETA, I can't give you one. Just stay patient, we are working hard but can only do so much. It will be worth the wait, we hope lol.


2017-06-10 13:10:32

Are you getting close to finishing? It's been 4 years...

roxasreaper responds:

Yes, we are aware it has been a long time, and we are still working on it, don't have a for sure date yet, but it is close.