Haven't posted in a while

2017-11-15 18:30:08 by roxasreaper

I haven't posted in a while and I appologize for that.  We have been busy working on multiple projects to get ready for their releases on multiple sites, including One Piece World 2, which is still in production, it has been a long time and we understand that people are anxious to see what we have done.  One Piece World 2 was completely redone from the ground up which is why it is taking so long, but we are very happy with how it is coming along, and it should be ready soon.  In other news we are moving away from Hentai projects for the time being, One Piece World being the obvious exception, but we feel it is in our best interest to expand our horizon as a production company.  We are currently in the process of making 2 non-hentai titles in the form of "Serial", a game based on assasination, and "DarkLand" our biggest project to date, we hope you have enjoyed our creations so far and we thank you for your supposrt.  We enjoy making these games for you and we are also attempting to expand in the form of animation so look out for some original creations from us in the upcoming months.

Check out our Youtube page and watch some of our gameplay videos, we also update our Facebook page constantly with new content.

Thank you,

Update on our progress

2016-02-12 02:10:40 by roxasreaper

First allow me to apologize, I have been away for a while, doing school and other things to prepare myself for a further career in this area of media, and although I have been working very hard on One Piece World 2, it is difficult to balance college and a flash project.  That being said, it is still in progress and is coming along beautifully, you will see noticeable differences from the beginning of the game all the way to the end, I assure you, these differences are what I am learning, and teaching myself.  It is taking a long time, I know, and that is why I am apologizing.




We now have a fully running Facebook Page for Devil Kid Productions to help expand our name.

Set Backs

2015-06-01 16:46:24 by roxasreaper

unfortunatly One Piece World 2 is taking longer than anticipated and there have been some minor set backs, however the game is still going as planned but the release date at this point is up in the air, for those of you who have been waiting for this game patiently we thank you and apologize, we ask you to be patient just a while longer during this time so we can fix our errors and progress to completion.


We are working very hard for this game as it is something we are really excited to see become real, it will be finished but as it is right now we are not satisfied with its current status.


Thank you for your patience,


2015-03-13 18:49:13 by roxasreaper

An update to all our fans on whats going on, due to no one commenting on our last post we will not be making a Maze of Fear 2, we have decided to move onto a different project after One Piece World 2.


One Piece World 2 update


The game is coming along fantasticly, we are very happy with how it has turned out so far, we have added a few things that we believe will make the game more challenging without sacrificing any of the story or enjoyment of the game, prepare to explore the One Piece World like never before, as far as a release date goes however the game is not done yet, it will still take quite some time before it is ready to be released.


We thank you for your patience and remind you that we are working very hard to get this project done but we will not release it until we feel it is ready without having to deal with any drawbacks due to bugs.


Next Project after One Piece 2


Our next project will be a Devil Kid Original game, The Last Day on Earth, the game will be our biggest project to date, besides One Piece, more information on this project will be revealed later.


Thank you for your patience,


Maze of Fear 2?

2015-02-19 08:52:51 by roxasreaper

So I was browsing through some of my old games and came across the Maze of Fear game we made back a few years, it got pretty good reviews and people enjoyed it, so I was thinking I'd ask our fans what they would think about us making a Maze of Fear 2?  It would be after One Piece World 2 of course but I want your opinions on this idea, if it gets a lot of nods then we will make a sequal, if not then we will move on.

As the subject says, Resident Evil: Hentai Revived has finally been released to play for the public, enjoy, and again, we appreciate your patience.

We should have done this a long time ago, but everyone here at Devil Kid Productions is always busy with other things, however I as the founder have finally added contacts to our Youtube channel, Twitter feed, and my own personal Email address for all the fans questions and opinions.  We strive to do the best we can for our fans.


Good news as well as Resident Evil should be ready to upload within the next week or so, and then our full focus will be on One Piece, thank you all for being patient and we hope you check out our Youtube and Twitter.

New Logo, and OPW2 update

2014-05-02 01:19:38 by roxasreaper

So I went ahead and uploaded the new logo on my page, this logo will now appear within all new Devil Kid flashes, thought it was about time for a new one, the old one was exactly that, old lol, so enjoy the new logo and One Piece World 2 is right on schedule, should be able to have it finished and uploaded as soon as May 31.


On another note I would like to hear some ideas on a possible new game for me to work on from people, I already have something planned for after OPW2 but nothing is in the works after those two projects, I always listen to my fans, so lets see some ideas.